In The Beginning...

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In The Beginning...

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:00 am

As "born again" believers in the Holy Word of Almighty God, this topic of discussion centers on being over-comers in the world through Jesus Christ until He returns.

The first Book of Genesis, in the Holy Bible, tells about the beginning of creation and the beginning of human DISOBEDIENCE to Almighty God. Genesis is the "seed-bed" of doctrine for the New Testament. Moses, best known as the author of Genesis, begins with the creation of the world, because the God who created the world and the God who revealed Himself to the fathers is the same God. The date of writing, in the book of Genesis, documents a time of about B.C. 1491-1451, during the forty-years wandering in the Wilderness. It is clear that Moses may have derived his knowledge of events that he records in Genesis, either from immediate divine revelation, oral tradition, or written documents. There are perhaps some scholars who doubt the nature of many of the facts related, and the minuteness of the narration, render it extremely improbable that immediate revelation was the source from where these historical events were drawn. It is also believed that Moses' knowledge derived from oral tradition. That knowlege is perhaps based on the great number of names, ages, dates and minute events that are recorded. Some scholars conclude that Moses must have obtained his information from written documents with the events, which they recorded, and composed by persons acquainted with the subjects to which they relate.

In the beginning, we read about the account of creation and also learn how God gives names to people, places and things for a purpose. When God names something you can be certain that the name has significant meaning and purpose. For example, the word Genesis itself conveys meaning about the beginning of something. Genesis means "origin". It is thought by some scholars that the book of Genesis covers 2369 years - from the creation of Adam, A.M. 1, to the death of Joseph, A.M. 2369, or B.C. 1635.

The Book of Genesis tells us about the divine preparation of the world, and it prepares us for the significance of the call of Abraham, and goes into the nature of Jewish history.

Humanity can sometimes become focused on "things of unimportance" which distracts from the IMPORTANCE of real human survival. Specifically, the salvation of the human soul. All people born into the world have a human soul (invisible spirit}. The human soul is that part of the human body (flesh and blood) that's referred to in biblical scripture as the "invisible spirit" of mankind. The human body [flesh and blood} is the symbolized "tent" that covers the "invisible spirit" of mankind. And it is the human "invisible spirit" that was separated from Almighty God. This invisible spirit was restored through the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The Holy Spirit, symbolized as the "Tree of Life" in the Book of Genesis, is the focus of discussion.

The Holy Spirit of Almighty God REVEALS ALL TRUTHS that some people cannot comprehend or understand. WHY?

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